More Options
Multiple design and Budgetary Options : 6 Budget and design options to choose from !!!
Dedicated Service
Special Designer and Classic Designer Portfolios, providing special dedicated individual services!!!

Use 70% Less wood using German Technology, with additional benefit of being Water – Termite and Fire Resistant.


So why go to big brands when ultimately it's us who execute the job ?

Multi Range Interiors

Basic Module
Has Wardrobes and Modular kitchen designed and executed for basic usage keeping the cost structure very low.

Material used is starting range of commercial Plywood, Formica and fittings.

Costing very less from 2 Lakhs Onwards.

Painting Optional and additional, Using Distemper or Tractor Emulsion.

Average Range Module
The Material and fittings used are good quality for long term use.

Using Mid Range of Commercial Plywood, Formica and Standard Fittings by Ebco.

Costing from Rs. 4 Lakhs Onwards.

Painting Optional and Additional. Suggested Tractor Emulsion onwards.

Premium Good Quality Range Module
Design, fittings and execution of very High Quality.

Uses Branded Plywood, and Fittings of Hettich

Costs From Rs.6 Lakhs Onwards.

Painting Optional And Additional, Suggested Premium / Luxury Emulsion

Classic Module
Very High End Design, materials and Execution.

Using Very High End Ply, Fittings of Hettich and Very High Gauge Fittings.

Costs From Rs. 10 Lakhs Onwards.

Painting very High Quality Optional, Additional.

Designer Classics
For Super Premium Classic Clients who want exclusive, latest and the best in Designs and Materials.

Specially crafted for your Villas, Bungalows and Premium Condos.

All Designs, materials and Workmanships of super high quality.

Costs Start from 20 Lakhs Onwards.

SAVE – A –TREE Interiors, Latest Technology.
For Premium and Classic Modules.

Uses German Technology Products.

Uses 70% Less Wood.

Additional Benefits of Water, Termite and Fire resistant.

Add Min Rs. 2 Lakh Onwards in respective Modules.

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